Friday, 7 November 2014

Distance Learning in Ethical Hacking

Robosapiens Technologies is a reputed firm in the field of Robotic Workshops & Distance Learning Education in Delhi NCR since last 7 years. Now, we introduce Distance Learning Program in Ethical Hacking which can help working professionals as well as to students of different standards in their work and study respectively and with the help of this Information Security training anyone can Learn Ethical Hacking easily.

A hacker is typically utilized by an association who believes him or her to endeavor to infiltrate systems and/or machine frameworks, utilizing the same strategies as a programmer, with the end goal of discovering and settling machine security vulnerabilities.

Mainly there are two types of hackers. First one is Unapproved Hacker or Black Hat Hackers and the second one is certified hacker or White Hat Hackers. Black Hat hackers are always changing their tactics to get one step ahead of the good guys. Black Hat hackers (i.e., getting access to machine frameworks without earlier approval from the manager) is a wrongdoing in many nations, however infiltration testing done according to popular demand of the holder of the victimized person system(s) or network(s) is most certainly not. White Hat Hackers has acquired an accreditation in how to search for the shortcomings and vulnerabilities in target frameworks and uses the same information and instruments as a programmer.

There are many types of hacking exists in the cyber world that are website hacking, Network hacking, E-mail hacking, Password Hacking etc. Hacking mainly focuses on Penetration testing methodologies, Stealthy network recon, remote root vulnerability exploitation, IPv6 Vulnerabilities, Wireless insecurity, Breaking IP-based ACLs via spoofing, phishing, etc.

The main areas covered under Distance ethical hacking training are Fundamental of Ethical Hacking, Overview of Cyber Law, Information Gathering, Virtualization & System Cloning, Windows Hacking & Security (Win 8 & Win 7), Password Cracking Techniques, Data Hiding Techniques, Hacking By Batch Programming & Scripting, Hacking by Viruses, Trojans, Key loggers & Spywares, Malware Analysis & Fake Antivirus Detections, IDS, IPS and Honeypots, Proxy Server & Virtual Private Network (VPN) Technology and Google Database Hacking.

This Distance Learning Program also covers many projects such as Whitehat Hacking: an educational game, Synced Address Book, Student E-Commerce Application, Secure on-line voting, Information system for an investment bank and many more. We don't simply have incredible teachers, our educators have years of industry experience and are perceived as masters. Robosapiens instructors have composed two of the top Network Security and Ethical Hacking books.

Certificate of Participation will be given by Robosapiens Technologies Pvt. Ltd. To the successful participants who secure more than 60% marks in the exams. Distance Learning Kit will be delivered to you in 5 working days after receiving your payment. You can give exam anytime within 6 Months from the date of registration.


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